‘What’s the point of this?’: Did Bill Maher just question Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s intelligence?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was roasted by former “Daily Show” host Bill Maher last night. During his HBO appearance, Maher took on the rising Democratic star after she dismissed “wokeness” critics as “low-information.”

“Look, low-information low-information, right?” Maher asked. “So if she’s wrong about everything, how do you know that she’s right about her opinion of climate change?”

“What she means is, who cares? She just knows what she believes in,” responded AOC.

When Maher pressed her on why she didn’t believe global warming was caused by humans or “the accumulation of fossil fuels in the atmosphere,” AOC doubled down.

“Well, our science base isn’t as strong as a lot of other places’s,” she replied. “I think it’s a very strong position to say there is no consensus. I mean, not everyone is convinced in the same way. It’s like politics. There are different ways of looking at policy.”

When Maher asked the crowd if “today is a good time to point out” global warming was real, they loudly roared their agreement.

“Don’t ask a dumb question about a complicated topic like this on national television,” he told the audience after her “reply.”

Maher then challenged her to appear on his show, giving her five days to accept. He then launched into a lengthy rant, comparing her position to the foxes who roam in the zoo.

“But you’re telling me if I leave, these animals will rule,” Maher told her. “What is the point of this?”

“She is clearly qualified, she seems smart. But you’re saying when someone disagrees with you, that person is like a terrorist? I mean, it’s not racism, it’s just being a human being. I’m not going to lecture you on being a human being. What does it have to do with taking a vacation to Las Vegas? What does it have to do with not sleeping with your work secretary?”

Maher then invited the congresswoman to appear on his show and “make history.”

“If you’re funny, we’ll have you up there cracking jokes,” he told her. “On my show. You’ll always be more on my side of the argument than the way this nation is thinking right now.”

AOC eventually accepted his challenge, coming to the stage midway through Maher’s monologue.

“Hey Bill. Go talk to me about my view of the world because I think you can help me see it,” she said. “What would be the best way for you to work with me, so I can figure out how to form a policy together that creates sustainable systems in our country?”


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