This tiny device promises to help your dog learn your voice and connect with you

Life with a dog may be quite a distraction for many human. We tend to get caught up watching, playing with, and staring into their eyes, too. And while some of these interactions go smooth and uninterrupted, others can be be intense. But now, a startup is hoping to change all that.

The team from Why Dogs Do What They Do has created what they are calling the world’s first telepathic dog communication device. Called Little Rabbit, it syncs with an app that hooks up to your phone. It allows your dog to learn your voice via audio and picture-matching. It is equipped with a system that recognizes information like the kind of dog you are speaking to, what you’re saying, and so on. Basically, it’s a data bank that your dog can use to help answer questions. It will also send alerts or send them a video message when the needs are needed.

According to the creators, in the case of an emergency, the device will also send your dogs a message to call you.

In the release, they state that, “Little Rabbit will also be available in a non-telepathic version that is equally useful for pets outside the home.”

The devices are currently being sold online and they set a list price of $149.99 for the top-of-the-line model.

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