The Jura and time travel

When we go out for a while to visit vineyards, we can usually walk in without our cell phones. That sense of being by yourself evokes a sense of serenity and intimacy. It is…

The Jura and time travel

When we go out for a while to visit vineyards, we can usually walk in without our cell phones.

That sense of being by yourself evokes a sense of serenity and intimacy.

It is good for us to be alone with things, to stop, drop and appreciate the moment. To connect with the whole; not a few great moments or structures.

Wine lovers around the world are used to walking through vineyards, stopping and taking it all in.

But these days, a lot of people we meet, especially in the Jura, want their cell phones.

They have become objects to be claimed and photographed. And, they seem only too happy to do so.

As memories of spring break in Italy become under my fingertips, I take them in and I try to deal with them properly and ask them to leave them there.

I walk along with my iPhone and browse the web. But there is always something. It is like skiing in a very beautiful ski resort — you can’t help yourself.

I feel that some people, especially teenagers, are losing the simple joy of just being by themselves and alive in the moment.

The Jura is part of a historic, region-based experience of Europe.

The rolling hills of the Jura are full of unique places and features — even many old gardens, forests and mountains — that are symbolic of the history of Europe.

These scenes and sites are a part of the jasmine, cherry blossom and the fondue celebration, and, of course, the wine.

But is it good to be in a region that is constantly at war?

It is also important to ask: How different can we be from neighboring regions?

And, can we behave differently, even after we have had the same type of life?

Life in the Jura, similar to the life in Valais, has many similarities with life in Switzerland. In all the towns, in hotels, on the slopes and even in vineyards, the same blend of cultural values, of authentic values, of genuine passions converge.

You can feel the life of the region of Switzerland when you arrive.

The results of long-term efforts, a drive for something more than the trivialities of life (eat first), enjoy the moment and by perseverance become successful, with your own taste, taste and style.

One can trace the Jura’s connections with its international politics to the wars of the Four Kingdoms (1518-1521), and to the marvelous literature of Alain-Roch.

In 1982, my friends and I started to discuss the ways of being in the vineyards.

So, we decided to make a documentary.

Wine cannot be like chocolate. In order to find the perfect combination, you first need to leave the supermarket and discover the special taste.

The same principle applies for a wine and a vineyard.

The people, the landscapes, the history, the unique vintages will have to be experienced, somehow touched, before they are declared perfect.

After a while, we understood that the only way to capture the essence of a region is to go inside and stick to the job at hand.

For five years now, my team and I have been making films from the vineyards of the Jura, returning to make more.

We have been examining the past, and the very present, of this unique area of France.

As we have shot over and over, we have begun to see things very differently and make discoveries that allow us to continue.

It is in the locations of the vines, in the smells, in the birds that remind us of the countryside of Europe.

In some way, it is as if we live in another history and a different, rather mysterious time where we breathe a fresh fresh air.

In the heart of wine country, the connection between the land and human life always exists and breathes the new taste, the new experiment, the new challenge and the new discovery.


The Jura, a tradition dating back to 50,000 years, goes back to its pioneer spirit, says the filmmakers.

Jean-Marc Laenner from the fallow wine country of the Jura has come up with an epic adventure and a unique message about the power of life.

Jean-Marc may be reached at [email protected]

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