Can the wealthy save the planet?

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The world’s wealthy, the panel says, could be best placed to do something.

Both man-made climate change and natural disasters threaten the most vulnerable. In such extreme weather, cash donations can often be the difference between life and death.

But what would the world’s most affluent be willing to pay to help save the planet?

After all, they are the ones most vulnerable to climate change and those who can most afford to give, the panel says.

This is not altruism or a charitable impulse. Everyone benefits when we protect and restore the planet.

The panel recommends we take a comprehensive approach when considering giving.

Firstly, we must consider where we live and our capacity to afford to give – for example, giving to NGOs and groups close to home.

Secondly, we need to consider what kind of impact the donation would have on the climate change and disaster response effort. For example, the Burden Sharing Organisation, which provides services to communities facing catastrophe, and the Green Belt Movement, which has regenerated swathes of fragile ecosystems, would both be great contributors.

And thirdly, we should consider whether donating to such organisations could help save lives by preventing more of them becoming desperate.

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