Who’s getting more undocumented migrants: Canada or the U.S.?

North America is shaking off Trump’s economic policies and is actually seeing a decline in illegal border crossings, rather than an increase, in what is considered a dire situation.

That was the finding in a report released Tuesday by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which did not only say that the flow of migrants was not increasing, but that the rate at which illegals crossing from Mexico is being blocked at the southern border — which remains one of the highest in the world — has increased.

Rather than people trekking across the desert in full view of border patrol, only four percent are detected.

To try to keep the volume of people out of the country, the Trump administration has dramatically curtailed the type of legal movements allowed.

The report drew contrasts among nations.

Canada “in the year 2018”

Sweden “in 2018”

Australia “in 2018”

Denmark “in 2018”

Canada last year

Canada in 2016

Canada in 2014

Yemen “in 2017”

Sweden in 2018

Sweden in 2016

Canada in 2011

Canada in 2014

Yemen and Australia more than the rest

But the difference?

Although the United States was the U.S. destination with the greatest number of border crossers in 2018, Canada, Sweden, and Denmark all landed among the top ten, but the two Muslim countries — Yemen and Australia — ranked much lower. The U.S. and the five Canadian countries represented more than a third of the total number of entries.

The report, entitled Breaking the Line: Turning Points on the International Border, also found that America’s southern neighbors and distant cousins Mexico and Canada were the most popular at capturing the flow of illicit migrants.

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