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By: David Proctor

Certified by the Canadian Wine Institute and certified through the LCBO, this Canadian product is among the cheapest sparkling wines. True sparkling wines can cost up to $25 a bottle and even more if you shop hard. This quality sparkling wine is a true bargain, and it can be had for less than $10 a bottle.


White’s fine for spring, but this sparkling wine from Canada, made entirely from 100 percent Northern Italian grapes, is a great value all year long. Sparkling wines from Northern Italy and the South of France also include some German and Australian grapes. Cheaper whites are usually made from Northern Italian grapes like chardonnay and pinot grigio, but you can also find selections from South of France, some German grapes and some Australian ones. In all cases, the bubbly wine must be non-vintage and is non-chardonnay.

The Cabernet Franc that gives the Cavosa domestic style bubbles isn’t from the USA. This is a wines that can go back and forth between southern Italy and Burgundy. The winery calls it a traditional red wine, but it definitely has an Italian flair.


International sparkling wine starries like Champagne, from France, and the value mad natures of Australia and New Zealand are the most common regions for sparkling wines from the world. Some other cheap finds are from the Haralson and Labracarta regions of Spain. This cheap sparkler from Spain is from the Muscat grape and is a style of sparkling wine called a Trobriand, it is made from chardonnay and is often available at the LCBO or at some other retailers that have house wine labels.

Au Bon Climat

Taken from the region of Bordeaux, the finest regions in France for sparkling wines, this sparkler from Beaujolais doesn’t have the same many name of names of other Bordeaux sparklers. This famous family has been making chardonnay and sparkling wines in the region for decades and still maintains an extraordinary quality for the price.

Even when the quality is this high, people are willing to buy cheaper wines for their holidays, to give as gifts, or for their everyday drink. Once people taste a few sparkling wines like these that are only a few dollars and enjoy them, then they will discover more affordable, quality sparkling wines are out there for people to enjoy all year long.

David Proctor is a wine writer. This story is adapted from his new book with international recognition, “Know Your Nectar” with Samuel L. Jackson, available through Amazon.

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