WATCH: Italian MotoGP’s mystery man Pecco Bagnaia

It’s not always easy to give a glimpse into the soul of MotoGP. The competitions are closely guarded, as are the folks who make the bikes, the teams, the riders and maybe even the drivers. But what you don’t miss is Pecco Bagnaia, who wears Pramac Racing’s wheels this year.

That nickname is easy to spot, of course, but few others know it — and perhaps for the best. The 26-year-old has a habit of refusing interviews, which is a great way to ensure his anonymity as he strikes fear into his competitors on the track.

But for those who know what’s going on, the mystery is almost overpowering. Bagnaia won three races and finished in the top-three of another seven races in 2017, and he should ride a lot further in his rookie MotoGP season this year.

However, when it comes to predicting who will win the Italian MotoGP this year, it won’t be Bagnaia or any of the other new faces. Instead, there will be several races to watch. The one in Abu Dhabi will surely produce fireworks, and if the weather’s favorable, you’ll be able to see the championship-race centerpiece, in Valencia, too.

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