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Red Nose Day, aka Children in Need, is the BBC’s annual fundraising appeal for good causes in the UK and overseas. Each year, it pulls in the biggest names in music, film, television and sport, for a star-studded telethon to raise huge amounts of money to support children and young people in need across the UK and the world.

The aim is to help change the lives of thousands of youngsters, with donations providing grants for projects that help improve their chances of education, employment and a happier and healthier childhood.

This year, Children in Need will be raising a record-breaking £100m, and you can have a huge say in how it goes.

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This is a unique opportunity to help Children in Need deliver innovative projects that will help thousands of vulnerable children and young people to reach their full potential. We’re delighted to have children’s TV favourite Morph, along with other beloved classics from Sesame Street, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Club Penguin, Reading Rainbow, Strawberry Shortcake, Moshi Monsters, Bobby, Peppa Pig, and more join forces for Children in Need 2021.

Here are some of the key stories coming out of #It’sYourYear:

Children in Need looks forward to opening up people’s eyes to the fact that young people across the UK are living in poverty, and turning their backs on all of the resources that they are handed every day.

Can children’s shows make a difference? Children In Need is determined to find out. BBC’s Digital, Interactive and TV Content Editor Stephen Wight called for teams from different media companies to share their ideas to bring new kinds of innovative content to children across the country in order to raise money for children who need it most.

Social media played a major role in raising funds last year and BBC were using technology to engage viewers. Other social media channels are getting involved. If you use one of our first-party social media channels you will gain access to a tab on the show where you can go on to learn how you can get involved. If you already have a Facebook account we will send you a Facebook login so you can have even more access. You will also have access to the opportunity to start your own #It’sYourYear Facebook page to raise money for the day.

Meet the teams competing to win this £200,000 cash prize for charity:

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