‘Tiger King’ radio personality Joe Exotic transferred to federal medical center for cancer treatment

Mr. Exotic.

Joe Exotic, the “Tiger King” TV and radio personality who has battled cancer, has been transferred to a federal medical center to undergo treatment, his agent announced Wednesday.

“A few hours ago he was sent to the Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment because there is no treatment in Chicago for cancer treatment at this time,” his agent, Robyn Carpenter, told the New York Post. “He’s been going through a very tough time.”

She told the newspaper that she and Mr. Exotic, 53, found out Tuesday night that his treatment at the hospital would be a “phase one” situation, which means “he’ll be in the hospital for a few months and he’ll be monitored.”

The cause of the cancer, which Mr. Exotic has been battling for years, is unknown.

Mr. Exotic has opened up about his health issues in the past. He has been documented as being on the radio and TV show “Tiger King,” where he hosts his own daily show at MSNBC.

Sara Vilkomerson, an attorney and spokeswoman for MSNBC, told The Washington Post that Mr. Exotic’s show will continue as scheduled, at least through the end of January.

“Joe and MSNBC are working towards the reasonable possibility that he may work through the remainder of January if the current situation can be resolved in a way that allows the show to continue,” Vilkomerson told the newspaper.

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In a previous statement, Mr. Exotic told the Tribune that he was going to do his “best to continue with the show,” but was most concerned about his daughter.

“It’s been very difficult with the hospitalization and all that stuff. I’m feeling a lot better now and hope to be back on the air as soon as possible,” he said.

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