Thousands of people protest violent raids in the Netherlands — and send racist tweets about them

Thousands of people protesting against violent raids by police took to the streets of Rotterdam on Tuesday night, protesting about the removal of the COVID tags from those who had been arrested for vandalism and arson.

A leading right-wing politician in The Netherlands made light of the riots, mentioning during his speech at Rotterdam’s Mercieerforum, “it’s a shame that so many have lost their peace.” An anonymous tweet from the city’s police force said that there were 575 officers deployed to deal with the violence, which it described as “a short but intense night for law enforcement.”

Some people were looting and hurling bottles at police officers, one-hundred people were arrested for arson and vandalism, police said. Six people were injured in the protests.

#Rotterdam Riots A collective tweet: 6 people injured, 1300 police officers and volunteers deployed, 575 officers & 820 volunteers. — Rotterdam KPN (@RotterdamKPN) May 9, 2017

Protesters took to social media to share photos of the violence.

Writing about Tuesday’s riot in a column for CNN, journalist Andy Carvin described the scene, writing, “The fights were hard to pick up amid it all: It was high-energy, sudden and violent. The black people were always kicking, punching and stomping on white people’s heads; the white people almost always retaliated. In this era of so much mayhem on social media — hellish stuff, in fact — this was calm and long-lasting rioting, a kind of night out at a movie in the movie theater with your friends.”

WATCH: Scenes from Riot in Rotterdam

CNN — Andy Carvin (@acarvin) May 9, 2017

Those calling for more Dutch political power to be given to people of color for language reasons quickly resorted to racial stereotypes in their tweets, with one person calling “Dutch people” to “not be afraid of protecting their country” (perhaps moving from one country to another on linguistic grounds is now sufficiently defensive.) The Dutch Times reported that this insult was met with hostility from some on Twitter.

Read the full story at CNN.


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