Thousands of cattle rescued from Alberta flooding

Written by Staff Writer


(CNN) — Picture a flood submerged highway — but instead of water gushing into people’s homes, it’s farmers pulling together to save thousands of cattle.

Thousands of bovines were removed from flooded farmland in southwestern Alberta after being displaced by heavy rain.

“Not only were many of the animals under water, they were standing in the floodwater that had already started to erode their grazing pastures and are now experiencing sickness and water-borne disease,” said Leon Lepine, a Bovine Veterinarian at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

A video posted on social media shows farmers pulling tractors up to the stranded cows in recent days.

“Fortunately, the (Bovine Health Services) has mobilized and they’re already using a helicopter with high-ropes to inspect the area and reach the pens,” said Lepine.

“Thanks to our farmer friends across Alberta, we have more than 20,000 animals that are safe and sound.

“We are still assessing the damage from these torrential rains, but so far our worst fears have been realized. With this significant damage in our nation’s agriculture, many farmers will be without pasture, hay and feed for months and will be forced to re-evaluate their business models and their efforts this spring.”

Heavy rainfall over the last two days in Alberta left about 220,000 animals without pasture, according to Lepine.

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