This middle schooler with dyslexia was once a fellow Olympic luger

The making of the New York Luge team. — New York Luge (@NewYorkLuge) November 17, 2017

Tatiana Calderon, from Argentina, overcame a tough childhood to become one of the best female lugers in the world and a team member of the U.S. team in men’s sled at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Calderon doesn’t only suffer from muscle and bone muscularisim. She’s also dyslexic. So when it came time to train for the Olympics, how she mastered the cognitive part of the sport to make herself even more competitive. This incredible video shows a high schooler learning to master the mechanical parts of the runs with the aid of green blocks.

On the team that runs the N: ‘Stupid’. On the street, she is kind of a jerk. — New York Luge (@NewYorkLuge) November 17, 2017

Calderon’s face matches that of #oligarch, with six billion “likers” on Twitter to her name. But she took home one of the country’s most prestigious sports awards, the Sharan-Gupta award, on Thursday, which is bestowed by the National Sports Council. She and the rest of the U.S. team will be doing it all again next year.

“I love to celebrate that everybody gets up, works hard and puts in the effort in a group effort,” Calderon, a 21-year-old captain, said in the telecast of the event. “And I’m proud of my teammates, my fellow officers that come up to me to congratulate me. I’m so proud of our team, the all-women team.”

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