The F1 paddock is where all the cool kids go to be cool

Written by Staff Writer

(CNN) — As you walk through the paddock on the day of the Formula One Indian Grand Prix, you’re left in no doubt where this is the place where motorsport is at its most prized, its most savage.

“Excuse me,” you might find a chap in a white shirt, blue pants, perhaps a very expensive shirt to show off his gifts, saying to you. “Missed your last driver.”

And you think, it is none other than your very own brother.

Who said motorsport wasn’t good.

And why would it be?

Admission into F1 track

A £1 (or $1.33) ticket gets you into the paddock for the event, allowing you and fellow fans to admire all the cars, arrange any negotiation you need, making car purchase and paying down debt absolutely possible (in the US a single ticket costs $18).

While you can easily miss the beauty of the F1 track — the Exhibition Pit Lane (teaching us the difference between teardrop pods and “star streamers”), the embossed septuagenarian unload boxers (full of posters to make the purists out-patriotic) and media center — you’ll certainly be dazzled by the car collection.

In 1955 you can expect to find this — belonging to 1,144 winners of Le Mans, and highly prized for those that possess them.

To experience the motorsport lived in these cars is essentially the tour of any motor sports buff’s fantasy, and whoever has driven them has surely experienced some version of that feeling.

Its touch-lit displays are clear and red-carpet gorgeous, and just to read is worth the ticket price.

And then it’s away you go.

“In F1 we call it the F1 Hire-a-Pads,” says Nicolas Hamilton, Lewis’ long-term business partner and co-owner of one of the automotive and watch manufacturing companies in world.

“We rent out this car,” he says. “And here you can do whatever you like, right?”

Well yes.

“You can, yes you can. And you can even pay for every day you are there and every fuel up you consume.”

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