Salma Hayek On Battling Lady Gaga On-Set: ‘I Didn’t Want Her To Be Propped Up’

Actress Salma Hayek has she describes a very sardonic experience while working with Lady Gaga on the 2017 film “A Star Is Born.”

Hayek and Gaga filmed several scenes as professional singer-songwriters Amy DuVall and Ally Monterey — a young woman who starts her own song-and-dance act in Los Angeles and subsequently comes to love and depend on a rock-and-roll legend.

However, in scenes set in front of a crowded mud bath scene, neither performer impressed her director with their performances. Gaga was knocked for her less-than-perfect vocals, and Hayek — who was appearing in the film as DuVall’s boss, Gucci Gucci — took her down a peg, she said in an interview at New York City’s Crosby Street Hotel for the release of the Netflix series “Club de Cuervos.”

The actress explained that although Gaga was required to lay down her own vocals on some of the songs, she could not help but stick to Gucci’s song scripts. As a result, Gaga and Hayek struggled with establishing chemistry on camera, she said.

“I think she was fighting herself,” Hayek said. “She wanted to do it very belting. I think it was the nature of her training. She grew up, her mother was a dancer. She grew up doing a lot of male acting roles, singing heavily in front of the camera.”

In the process, the two had a silly side-off in front of the microphones, and at one point, Hayek said, Gaga grabbed a leopard-print towel off the poolside bench and began sliding around in the dirt.

“‘I’m gonna take you back to Sunday school in Staten Island, Mama,” Hayek recalled her co-star saying.

But in the end, Gaga did manage to steal the show.

“I think she really found herself in those (mud) scenes,” Hayek said. “I think they brought up parts of her that we hadn’t seen before, that we hadn’t seen her play.”

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