Prince irland: 5 recent instances of genius from pop music

1) Rip Curl

10. FSI Bird Of Fortune (Suede)

Loving this. Ugly and beautiful and all over a beach – pretty all the way.

2) Black-Eyed Peas

If this is the sort of music that comes out of Brazil, Brazilians must enjoy it. Kinda.

3) Akira Yamaoka

His name isn’t Riki – it’s Akira. A delicate and very Japanese thing that happens on piano.

4) Loyle Carner

The first album from any child prodigy I have known. I quote: “Loyle Carner thinks about trying to go to New York when he’s older”

5) Watoto

A.D. (Watoto Boys)

Watoto means “beat”, and this is its music. It doesn’t sound like anything else on the planet, or anywhere. Mind-meltingly beautiful and demanding of your attention. FFT.

Roots of Other Music

1) Future Tense (I Can Still Walk)

Like listening to a jet rumbling over a forest and capturing it on a board game.

2) Tanlines

There is a new breed of English indie bands emerging from Young London – the complete opposite of everything else being played around the water. Music that says: “OK, relax.”

3) White Fence

Like Wrens, but with Paul Cook instead of Iggy Pop. Simple, powerful chords, played live enough so they must all have been chasing lunch.

4) FKA Twigs

One part early-noughties R&B, one part Sufjan Stevens and a bit of Mark E Smith thrown in. One of those perfect songs where only the end result will make sense of it all.

5) Blue State

This one’s a set of demos and it sounds so, so different from the rest of modern music. It’s interesting to see the contrast between this and the many folk singers – unlike folk singers, these types seem to know what they want to be. They’re not messing around. There’s something about singalongs in the past that made people listen, which is never a good thing when it comes to songwriting.

Audio Click here to listen to Soundcloud

Blue State

Video Click here to watch it

Ladyhawke flickered to life in 2005, just before the waves crashed over the horizon. Why is it the sad thing? Do you remember the whole Mickey Mouse Club/Nirvana thing? Also it was the teen years that were super-bad for me. OK, so it was 1989, and the platinum records were fucking everywhere. My world had shrunk in some way, somehow, to fit those shows – it was like they had capitalised on the pressing of my dreams.

Since then I’ve seen my best friends move out on their own and transition into full-time creative careerists. I went and got another job, threw a bunch of shit at the wall, there and then.

This is the time of my life. It really is.

That sounds quite hectic. But it was the best decision I’ve ever made.


A diaser

i-cause-the-sound-mix-is-shooting-fish-tongue is certainly a diaser. It stops me from getting caught up in the contradiction of the fact that I spent five years in a fake group (ME3). I’d expected it to be more subtle and snarky, but it was actually just hyperbole and hatred (try writing with that much vitriol without a laugh mark in the middle of the attack).

But I was really excited about the signing to Jagjaguwar, because it allowed me to put out two mainstream singles and see what my new music sounds like. I think it’s an impressive effort, and in this era of interviews with dead ex-students, it’s good to see at least one artist making moves towards a more finished product.

I hope she can keep it up.

Chrissie Hynde, Anna Meredith, Lucy Spraggan and Yuka Honda in a chat.


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