President Trump to release his first book in December

President Donald Trump will release his long-awaited first book next month, “Our Journey Together.”

Scheduled for release December 11, the book will be a compilation of previously published excerpts — including pages from “The Art of the Deal,” White House-approved interviews and a few new pieces, according to excerpts released by its publisher HarperCollins on Sunday.

The book also serves as an explanation to Trump’s “fight for what he believes to be the best interests of all Americans,” which included his fight against the Republican-led effort to impeach him and efforts to repeal Obamacare, the publisher said.

“Every president or candidate uses their first book as a springboard for something bigger and better,” Michael Thomas, president and publisher of HarperCollins’ HarperCollins Books told CNN. “It’s always the statement of a new chapter in the author’s life. Trump’s will likely be the first book in history to go deeper and further than just a statement of intent, and it will be the most honest look inside the presidency of a President.”

The publisher declined to discuss a possible media strategy for the book beyond citing its first excerpt from “Our Journey Together” about why Trump decided to run for office. The excerpt includes Trump recounting the late Sen. John McCain’s 1996 presidential campaign against Bill Clinton, whom Trump openly disliked.

“McCain was a great man. McCain was the one who started it all,” Trump wrote. “Not me! The fight has just begun!”

“Our Journey Together” is the first of two books Trump plans to publish in 2020. The book was originally scheduled for release in November but has since been moved to “weeks” after the election.

Trump’s first book, “The Art of the Deal,” became a blockbuster bestseller in 1987. In that first book, Trump was unabashed in his efforts to win the presidency.

“Look at the deal, set it up, walk away, you’re running against somebody and you set it up — you walk away — and you win in ’84, ’85, ’86, ’87. Now you win in ’88,” Trump told Playboy magazine in 1987, in an interview for “The Art of the Deal.” “And then I lose in ’88 in a little wave of popular emotion, and then I feel like, ‘what happened?’ Then I win in ’89 in another little wave of popular emotion, and then I win in ’90 in another little wave of popular emotion.”

Trump’s first television interview on campaign trail in 2016 focused on his “magical” dealmaking abilities, which he expanded on in a 2008 book, “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” in a chapter called “The Art of the Steal.”

“Politics is good. I’m a very good negotiator. I have to be,” Trump told CBS’ Charlie Rose in October 2015. “If I’m not, that means they don’t want me, and that’s fine. If they do, great. But if they don’t, I’ve got to be able to work with people. I have to be able to wrangle some people like a gorilla.”

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