Police in Netherlands accused of breaking law during anti-Covid-19 strike

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Moods of anger remain high in the Netherlands as a judicial probe is being conducted following police gunfire that injured dozens of protestors during last month’s anti-Covid-19 strike.

Authorities fired warning shots at masked demonstrators who set bins alight during a demonstration in Rotterdam that went ahead amid a strike by about 1.2 million transport workers.

Dozens of people were injured — among them several journalists — during the 19-hour strike. A letter by the Dutch transport union to a Dutch court said 10% of the strikers had been injured, including two journalists, who each required treatment in hospital.

Police in the Netherlands who fired warning shots during a strike last month have been accused of breaking the law by injuring protesters.

Protestors who took part in the “Covid-19” strike, which took place in December, later filed a criminal complaint alleging “disregard for life and non-consensual injury.”

By contrast, Dutch Police Chief Werner Sint by described the police response as “proportionate.”

One of the protestors, 17-year-old Beni Jetter, was shot in the head while trying to break up a fight between a group of masked demonstrators.

He later told a Dutch newspaper that he did not realize he had been shot by police when he first stumbled backwards.

More than one million Dutch workers downed tools in a labor strike as part of an anti-Covid-19 campaign on December 2.

Dutch Transport Minister Teun van Acker has vowed to clamp down on illegal strike action.

“The fact that you have fired warning shots at a demonstration is so serious that it needs to be seen as a crime,” he told CNN in January.

Van Acker has said he will tackle illegal demonstrations as part of his negotiations with the striking transport workers.

Police presence

According to the Dutch publication Nieuw Blijps, the threats targeting Van Acker have increased since announcing he would crack down on the illegal strike.

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