Openly gay Illinois politician: No action being taken against alleged victim

Earlier this month, Kevin Vuong, a 33-year-old advocate for legislative representation for LGBTQ+ Americans, was accused of sexually assaulting a fellow Democratic lawmaker while intoxicated, and it’s since been widely reported he was previously accused of being the perpetrator.

But on Tuesday, the openly gay politician, who was elected in June in a district in Illinois that was previously represented by Donald Trump’s judicial nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, released a statement in which he announced that he would not pursue legal action against his accuser.

“This November, I will be exploring the paths forward with many people who supported my candidacy for Congress, and I look forward to having a civil and constructive dialogue with them,” said Vuong, who was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives earlier this year, in a statement released to The Hill. “I have been constrained from sharing my full story because I am new to politics and to being in public office. I intend to not let the situation consume me, and will instead work to repair the damage that has been done.”

Vuong said that in the months prior to his June win, he had been “pressured” to withdraw charges against his accuser in order for them to be expunged from his record, something he said he felt “naive” to have failed to do.

Vuong continued: “If I had known how corrosive, unfair and unethical this situation would become, I never would have run for elected office.”

Read the full statement here.

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