NHL CUBE: The Internet hilariously loves a crazed Philly 76ers player

Perhaps it was the scene of a professional basketball player wearing an apple-patterned shirt and blue jeans in a raucous public place on the day before the NBA Draft. Or it was the sight of someone wearing a funny hat and a pair of sunglasses at the NBA Draft Lottery. Or the whole barbarian whoops-for-the-navy-crew wear the night before the NBA Draft Lottery routine. Whatever it was, Philadelphia 76ers second-year guard and internet trend-starter Josiah Johnson got it all wrong and now has become the king of NBA Twitter jokes.

For those not ready to laugh yet, sports reporter Joe Posnanski wrote his thoughts on the hoophead funny man of Twitter fame:

Why is Josiah Johnson the new king of Twitter jokes? I see it in @JosiahvsKing’s eyes. People are giggling around him. Sniffs. “It’s definitely on, we’re good, this” – Joe Posnanski, The Washington Post @washingtonpost

Basically, he’s just like the rest of us. But instead of getting entertained by world leaders, warlords and competitors, he gets so carried away trying to make the internet chuckle that it drives us crazy. Last month, for example, as the Philadelphia 76ers gathered in Brooklyn to watch the NBA Draft Lottery, Johnson kicked things off by asking what he was wearing.

if i’m winning nothing they’re gonna say you looked ugly again, that’s to you silly tweeps #TootSoYouBopWop pic.twitter.com/ACQ21JPMBE — ⚡ JOSIAH (@JosiahvsKing) May 11, 2018

Again, he asked a question that most of us didn’t really ask. So naturally, there were laughs to be had.

Sixers fans shocked that the 76ers didn’t get the top pick, by the way. Smart move, bro. — King 🤶 (@JosiahvsKing) May 11, 2018

It’s that naivety that drives the internet to lose its mind.

So the question came out. — 🤶Nyaeka🤶 (@polarvalets) May 11, 2018

And you know what? By this time the Internet had gained complete confidence in their man Josiah. It wasn’t a pretty picture, but it was kind of cute, right?

Josiah Johnson is a cute dude but he would look weird with green hair if he starts wearing it — Tyler Lockwood (@tlockwood) May 11, 2018

He wasn’t exactly winning the Internet over, but was making people laugh all the same.

If NBA front office used Twitter, it would show pics of players and coaches way more often. Are you dumb? https://t.co/WNk8wtSpMS — Wells Diehl (@WellsDiehl) May 11, 2018

josiah johnson should start an organization so we can get all his tweets back https://t.co/pNKVE3nnfs — Eric Goss (@ericsulten) May 11, 2018

For those of you still scratching your heads as to why King Josiah would ask that question, it’s got to do with this: the NBA Draft Lottery is a chaotic mess. You don’t know what team has won. You don’t know what the two teams are screwing up and screwing up all the time. You don’t know who just lost a whole lot of money. So it’s almost impossible to tell who is better or who is equally as dope. However, looking around the bar — which may or may not be a parody of bars, smoke fills up — and noticing the players’ faces wearing those bewildered expressions, Josiah would know: This looks like a team having a little fun with the fans. It’s a win-win. And he called it.

On Tuesday night, Johnson fell in love with the Twitter swarm of America’s pettiest people all over again when the 76ers ended up in the No. 1 slot in the NBA Draft Lottery. Not surprisingly, the Internet freaked out about it, leaving our old favorite Internet phenomenon Josiah Johnson laughing to his heart’s content.


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There’s something fun yet frivolous about Josiah Johnson, a champion for the Instagram generation

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