McCloskey’s say they waved guns because of “violent” mob

McCloskey’s say they waved guns because of “violent” mob They explain the incident in their original statement

McCloskey’s lawyers say the store manager refused to sell them beef jerky because they were “too hungry”

Related Image Expand / Contract The store manager posted this photo on Facebook with the gun placed on the counter. (McCloskey’s Westheimer)

BROWNSVILLE, Texas –Brownsville residents, the McCloskeys, were telling the world they simply did the right thing when they waved their guns at a store management over poor service. But now, one of the McCloskeys has amended their original account, telling police the situation went way beyond “not enough beef jerky.”

Related Image Expand / Contract McCloskey’s in Texas. (McCloskey’s Westheimer)

John McCloskey says a shop manager in Dallas, Texas, insisted that he and his wife Loretta, a shop associate, purchase beef jerky instead of having access to the entire store to buy their regular meat products.

In an interview with FOX5 that aired Thursday night, McCloskey claimed the employee initially allowed the McCloskeys to make purchases, even selling John McCloskey the beef jerky, but at a price too steep. Loretta McCloskey told FOX5 she told the manager she was trying to shoplift from the store. She added that because he rejected the couple’s request for beef jerky, she retrieved her husband’s gun. The husband then asked the manager again if she was going to let the couple in the store, before waving his gun outside, where she quickly complied.

The couple told the news station that their local town of Brownsville was shocked by the news. To prove that, Loretta told FOX5, “We sent out a press release through the DFW County Commissioner’s Office because they got the media version and we did not.”

Bronson Dickey, a local businessman, said there was a serious incident in front of the grocery store the day before that led to the McCloskeys’ decision to try to get beef jerky.

“As [John McCloskey] came out from his car and went into the store, he says that there was a ‘thug’ with a ‘briefcase’ coming out from the store in the late morning and that the man asked him for $10,000. John says he told the man, ‘You can’t ask me for ten million dollars,’ and said ‘you can’t get in the store,’” Dickey told FOX5.

Related Image Expand / Contract The McCloskeys are seen in this July 12, 2017, photo. (McCloskey’s Westheimer)

Dickey also gave credit to a nearby facility as a possible culprit for the incidents.

“We’ve been told that there were barbed wire fences at the adjacent facility and people coming over from that facility.”

On Thursday, friends and neighbors of the McCloskeys came to the grocery store, searching for answers.

“One of my friends who used to sell newspapers here at the grocery store … when I saw [the video] again, she stopped buying newspapers on the premises, which was surprising because she said she was supposed to be keeping her eye on those people because those people are known in that area,” said Barbara Rosendine.

John McCloskey has now turned his story around, arguing he never intended to make a fuss with his gun and only wanted to scare off an alleged “thug.”

The couple’s story has attracted the attention of the National Rifle Association and NRA News, which interviewed them and reported that people have been “stalking” the couple in the area.

“Since they posted that, they have been targets,” Loren McCloskey said of her and her husband, John, with whom she’s had a contentious relationship with. “I was in a store the other day where … as I was coming out, another guy yelled out and pointed his gun at me.”

A spokeswoman for the store could not be reached for comment Thursday.

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