Malaysia Airlines flight 370 discovered by a class in the basement of the Malaysian government

From the book “The Changing Face of Air Travel” by Ben Kendrick:

Taiwan has taken some of the world’s most valuable high-tech equipment, flown it around the island and turned it into an attractive tool for finding new routes—all by the humble galley knife.

The Aloha Airlines Boeing 727 A3B at Long Beach Airport in California

In 2007, Taiwan’s TAIWU decided to create its own airline and in 2012, the government-owned TransAsia Airways (TAL) debuted four small Boeing 737s. Since then, TAL has undergone five more ownership changes. The agency finally consolidated last year, under the command of TAIWU.

But for passengers flying from Taiwan to Los Angeles on TAL or Seoul on GAL, there’s been no chance to sample the airline’s newest addition.

That’s because Taipei-based Young Taiwan Airlines (YT) — a private privately owned company formed in August 2012 — has been developing new routes from Taipei City to Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Seattle, Newark, Washington, D.C., and others.

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