Maine heritage-based winter trips

What better way to spend the winter season than speeding across the Maine wilderness in a glacier sled.

A Cross Country Skiing Trip Through Maine’s Wilderness

Maine is a beautiful state, but many of the towns within its borders are little more than little parks for tourists. From Fitchburg to Rockland, the only real winter happenings are maple sugaring and ice skating on the sidewalk of downtown Main Street.

If you want something different during the long stretches between Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day, consider a Maine heritage-based trip. A visit to Oswegatchie is a good one—not only for the sights of town (op art, historical houses, beautiful pastures), but also for the ski trail that leads to a baroque spectacular, known as the Strawberry Fields. On the Eastern Shore, at the Tooth Rock State Park and Tobago Falls State Park, you can cover 150 miles of trails that include meadows and woodlands, wilderness areas and pasture lands—all designed to be challenging and scenic.

And, of course, snowshoeing—from Pond Inlet to Pinelands State Park, a total of 50 miles and the longest snowshoeing trail in the Northeast.

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