Joe Biden isn’t sorry for saying a white supremacist called him a white supremacist

Biden dodged a question on Thursday about whether he regrets calling Washington Times columnist Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist. “I thought he wrote that headline accurately,” Vice President Joe Biden said of his former colleague’s headline in an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter. The quote was quickly forwarded on Twitter, but at no point did Mr. Biden offer an apology. Instead, he simply said, “But you know, there is a difference between saying you believe certain things and actually going and doing things.”

The vice president added, “So that’s what he did. I don’t regret the statement at all.”

But reporters pressed him on whether he would apologize for his characterization of Rittenhouse’s column in a tweet that quoted it and used the headline. He said he wouldn’t apologize “for saying, I didn’t believe it was a headline in the first place.” “I don’t remember the headline, but that’s the edit I made,” Biden added. “I wrote it on Twitter.”

Rittenhouse followed that up on Twitter with a screenshot of Biden’s quote and his own correction. “Wow. Let’s be clear. BIDEN DOES NOT REGRET ANTI-RACIST POST ON TWITTER,” he wrote.

“I’ve already sent that correction to the FBI,” Biden said. “I’m going to send it to the White House now.”

Jill Biden, Biden’s wife, defended her husband’s remarks, saying he “stepped up to the plate” and made sure he informed his boss of the CNN piece.

If the word “a” confuses you, Jim Rutenberg spoke about the appropriation of the word “a” by conservatives.

Discussing the next issue of Jim Rutenberg’s New York Times Magazine story on Democratic vice presidential front-runner Joe Biden with @brianstelter, reacting to @JimRutenbergNYT piece on “what it means to be a Biden super fan.” — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) September 7, 2016

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