Hundreds of migrants in Mexico revealed after reports

Image copyright EPA Image caption The migrants were reported by smugglers

More than 400 migrants travelling from Mexico to the US have been discovered in four different trailers and a warehouse.

They were reported by smugglers, according to police.

The migrants told Mexican authorities they were from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

The incident is the latest in a series of coordinated migrant attempts on US land borders.

On Tuesday, police discovered 196 people in two tractor-trailers, allegedly being driven from Mexico by another gang.

Last week, 51 suspected Central American migrants were taken into custody in a pickup truck on the Texas-Mexico border, along with another 77 people.

Image copyright EPA Image caption Hiking across a plateau at the US-Mexico border

In April, 64 people were found in US holding centres – including seven children – and 88 people were discovered in a bus on the Mexican border.

The most serious accident involved 30 people from Central America who were killed in a van that slammed into a concrete barrier near a Texas border station.

In 2009, 109 suspected Central American migrants died in a tour van.

‘We will not be moved’

The latest migrants were found in Veracruz state’s Toluca department.

They said they were migrants trying to reach the US, who had paid “tens of thousands of dollars” to smugglers.

Police said the migrant sum had not been confirmed but did not specify how much they had paid.

A male migrant, asked about the conditions in the trailers, replied: “These are not proper.”

Another migrant who was asked if they were scared or suffering injuries told the police: “We will not be moved.”

Image copyright EPA Image caption The migrants were reported by smugglers

Mexico’s migration institute, Centro de Estudios Penales, has called for an “unprecedented” meeting with a number of other government agencies to try to understand how the incident took place.

The state of Veracruz, where the migrants were from, has been at the centre of multiple immigration incidents.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees also recently decried the condition of migrants being held in prisons and camps in the state.

In a report published in March, the UNHCR said overcrowding, food shortages and little or no access to hygiene was commonplace.

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