Hail of objects and bottles thrown at vehicles in Austrian capital of Vienna

The Austrian Interior Ministry on Wednesday advised the public to stay indoors and close doors and windows, following a series of “malicious objects” thrown at vehicles, the Associated Press reports.

In addition to the twirl of the 7th Ring of Salzburg, containers with nails and scissors have reportedly been found outside the Embassy of Romania and the Belgian Embassy.

All Austrian state police offices have imposed an immediate lockdown for their German, French, Netherlands, German, Belgian, Luxemburg, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Italian, Bulgarian, Slovak and Spanish Nationalities, Austrian Interior Ministry Spokesman Stefan Redl told the AP.

As a consequence, the train station, a hospital and most restaurants in the city center and the surrounding area were closed as of 1 p.m. local time, the AP reports.

Police are investigating all incidents but suspects are unknown, however, a police spokesperson has spoken out and said that investigators are investigating the possibility that multiple individuals are responsible for the attack.

Allegedly, the bottles of liquor and the three metal objects were thrown to make a point.

“Whoever is causing these damages in the city centre and filling it with explosives is leaving a mark on Vienna,” Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl said at a press conference in Vienna.

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