German right-wing extremist found with stash of weaponry in attic

A cache of weaponry found in the attic of a right-wing extremist in Germany has raised alarms about the extremism lurking in the country.

According to the Daily Mail, a number of guns were found, including a handgun, a submachine gun, live rounds of ammunition and hand grenades.

According to the Daily Mail, a significant number of the arsenal was thought to have been used in terrorist attacks over the past two decades.

German police said on Monday the stash has been confiscated and was contained in 17 safes and hidden in the basement of the would-be militant’s home, situated near the town of Wuppertal, central Germany.

It comes as authorities in Britain grappled with an explosion of far-right protests in the past week.

On Wednesday, hundreds of far-right supporters gathered outside Britain’s Houses of Parliament to hear ex-BNP leader Nick Griffin speak and hold banners declaring “national socialism is not racist.”

The Left Party condemned the protests, saying that ‘far-right thugs have invaded the streets of London’ to disrupt Tuesday’s Women’s March, which drew participants from around the world.

On Saturday, far-right activists held a rally in Leicester, England, where they took to the streets to demonstrate against Muslim migrants in the British town.

The Daily Mail reports that many of the weapons confiscated from the German suspect were fitted with silencers.

“Dirty bombs” were also found with live rounds of ammunition.

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