Full Disclosure: The Work/Home Secret: Working from Home Stories

Please share any stories you have about those that have had the experience of working from home. How did they do it?


The experimenters: Traci and Denise’s story

Photograph courtesy of Nicole Rubino; Erik van den Berghe

Tinder is the platform for dating the life partner that just happened to work at The Home Depot, too. The two met on the dating app last November, where they soon found themselves surfing the rubble site of one of Denise’s dream clients, after she bailed on them because her mom was sick and her cat had fallen off the roof of her Brooklyn apartment.

“At work, she was kind of quieter than usual,” Traci said. “We got to talking, and quickly realized there was more going on than an awkward exchange over someone checking out my exposed wiring.”

Billed as a book for bisexuals, Heteros & Humpsters describes a typical day for Denise. She runs errands in the morning before giving a presentation for her team, where she’s known to spill about her cat. If you’re at the Home Depot at around 12:30 pm when a steady stream of cute guys come through, you’ll see plenty of Denise’s face, a devilish smile, glee or perhaps a little of both.

The owners: Carolina and Taylor

Photograph courtesy of Nicole Rubino; Erik van den Berghe

Carolina and Taylor moved from Philly and are starting their own interior design firm, where they are often the sole employees. Taylor focuses on administrative and construction work, and because of her management skills, it means the work can take her from her house in the morning to her office downtown between 10 am and 5 pm. “She’s able to multitask and is always on her phone, which I appreciate,” said Carolina. “But sometimes, when I go home, I get distracted.”

Living with someone who is always at work can be difficult for someone used to going home alone after a long day of work — Charlotte and Laura’s story

Photograph courtesy of Nicole Rubino; Eddie van den Berghe

Once Laura caught hearing her roommate, Charlotte, laughing with a co-worker during a meeting. “Oh no! They’re working!” Charlotte yelled. “Do you want me to walk down and make them exit?!”

After this occurred, Charlotte and Laura settled into a routine of talking things out. “You can’t expect to always be home by yourself, but if you realize that people are not around, you come up with a solution,” said Charlotte. This includes asking guests if they are comfortable working from home, making calls on her cell phone or working on her laptop while cooking dinner.

They Never Could Work From Home. These Are Their Stories.

Any stories you have about those that have had the experience of working from home. How did they do it?

Full disclosure: to accomplish our goal of saluting all people that have worked from home, I’ve condoned the use of information and pseudonyms in the post. As a result, some identities are being revealed.

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