Flying over Thanksgiving? You have to pay a new fee

Alaska Airlines passengers face added fees this Thanksgiving because the airline is no longer flying to Los Angeles and added a fee for the tickets. Passengers will now have to pay $30 more for fares that were booked on or before July 3. The airline cited an increase in flights between Los Angeles and Anchorage. “The cost to connect here is really expensive,” Richard Baran, manager of communications for Alaska Airlines, told CNNMoney on Friday. The airline will also add a $100 fee for trips between Los Angeles and Honolulu. On a flight from Honolulu to LA on Friday, many passengers were unaware of the new fees. James Abur will be going to LA for his two sons’ birthdays and all he could find to put his $700 plane ticket on Friday was a single flyer that left LAX on Wednesday and arrived on Friday. “That flight is supposed to be available on Thursday and Friday only. If that’s not correct, please clarify,” Abur told CNNMoney as he waited to check his bags at the airport. But customers have responded positively to the new fee. Alaska announced Thursday that it had sold out of its allotted number of seats on those flights. Although it kept a buffer of about 10 percent in case demand rises unexpectedly, that still meant a significant number of passengers had to pay the $30 fee.

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