EXCLUSIVE: ‘I’m a man’ – Woman dresses as man, targets men for $1M extortion scam

A 33-year-old woman dressed as a man to con vulnerable men out of millions was arrested Wednesday.

Kendrick Louaal Clarke, 33, was taken into custody and released on bail for charges including fraud over $5,000, counselling to commit an indictable offence, identity theft and impersonating a person other than a person in authority.

Toronto police said Clarke, of Toronto, would always appear as a man. “When she took the online appearance, she would wear a hoodie, sunglasses and with hair slicked back,” Det. Neil McGowan said. “She would also wear her hair in a ponytail.

She would also always have a fake beard and talk to the victims like they were talking to her fiance or husband,” McGowan said.

He said it was the first time the impostor was arrested.

McGowan said Clarke would meet victims, usually first-timers, at coffee shops or at their homes and tell them she had cancer or had already had a child and needed money. The man would also pay for her expenses, from cosmetics to home renovations.

Clarke also offered victims the opportunity to get a sonogram of a child, all of which was forgery.

McGowan said the total loss by victims in the scam totalled more than $1 million.

It was also not the first time Clarke has impersonated a man, police said.

Back in 2016, she was caught on camera dressing as a man, allegedly taking photos with a woman who thought she was his date for a couple of nights out. “This was in the same month in which she allegedly became pregnant. She also introduced the ‘baby’ to numerous potential male suitors who, once the meeting was over, reported that they were not the father of the baby,” McGowan said.

McGowan said the cases were unrelated.

Clarke has lived in Toronto since 2007.

“The passion and energy she exuded during her interactions was unusual,” McGowan said. “She would speak at length and lovingly about the interaction and the love she felt for the men she had met.”

McGowan said any man who’s become a victim is encouraged to file a police report.

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