Eliezo Luminous Return Wild: Meteor shower from small solar system

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Public school boys said to have been ‘sexting’ during the Northern Lights display have led to a blaze of publicity

The upcoming Eliezo Luminous Return Wild in northern Norway will be an epic display of natural phenomena, although some will be kept indoors due to risk of injury.

The reason is that the Swedish-Norwegian-English Nobel Prize prize winners are behind the spectacular event.

Over 40,000 expected to attend, and an electrical storm that could lead to short-lived but spectacular shoots.

Warning: These scenes could cause temporary eye pain

Achieving the meteoric effects requires “strong” lighting conditions between Saturn and the northern autumn moon Sodra.

While the current weather forecast indicates lows of -11C.

Photo credit: The Eliezo Luminous Return

Photo credit: Getty Images

The broadcast begins at 1000 GMT on 27 April, and is broadcast live on multiple platforms including Google TV, YouTube, Air Russia, Cevonic & RT TV, and VK.com.

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