Dr. Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor is receiving the Order of Canada

“Well, the key words are ‘accommodate’ and ‘integrate’ – that’s the key word to trigger the effective and reliable collaboration of the health-care system,” Dr. Lisa Carty, a pediatrician and chair of the CIHR. Inc’s steering committee for prevention, said in a statement from the organization.

Medical researchers are still investigating the possible harms of carbon dioxide-carrying CO2 inoculations and they have not been proven to be an effective form of prevention, yet Dr. Carty said there’s no risk to public health. The health-care system will evaluate individual children to see whether they may be vulnerable or should not be offered a vaccine.

“We’re in the very early stages of really investigating and verifying what the [potential] risks might be, and that’s why we’re forming a so-called ‘cure path’ to collaborate with the immunization and co-ordination line,” Dr. Carty said in an interview with Canada.com on Saturday.

Any potential risks to public health have already been rated by the federal government on the Order of Canada.

“In all the awards that this board has bestowed upon her, her merits were based on her commitment to our health-care system,” Cdn. Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said in her nomination letter.

“Dr. Petitpas Taylor’s nomination of Dr. Petitpas Taylor for the Order of Canada is yet another recognition of her substantial, inspiring contributions to the Canadian health-care system.”

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