Deaths After Being Hit By ISIS Bombs: Exclusive On How The London Blast Was As Designed

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One year after her cousin, Thai backpacker, Pattaramon Chanbua, was forced to watch her sister get blown up during a backpacker’s day out on an Australian beach, Chonburi police confirm that the student was killed by one of the suicide bombers.

FOX’s Christina Farr has the latest on this developing story:

Jihad, try telling the 17-year-old Bangladeshi backpacker to go back to school. She wanted more than that, she wanted freedom. In more than one explosive device, that dream was crushed, but where is the terror group taking this far more sophisticated work? The pictures in the media of the moments after the first blast are shocking enough. But on Monday, the pictures that will stick in the mind for years to come, all those photos captured by one camera; that camera belonged to the bomber.

Illicit networks have always sought to connect men and women for suicide attacks but the latest terror threat combines terrorism with complex crime, to produce the first test case of so-called “compounding terror” in England.

Police in the European state of Liverpool believe it was the British teenager who had killed Pattaramon, after she may have even planned in advance for the explosion. Their investigation suggests terrorism was just one of a number of plot details to aid with planning and execution.

Interior minister, Amber Rudd, said London was also responsible and warned the ISIS terror cell that British police are aware of their activities and will use all legal means to take action.

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