Copenhagen is preparing to unveil a futuristic new underground train

For those waiting for the futuristic, space-age Metro and never on the hunt for a more comfy ride on trains, this might be the perfect excuse to get in on the action. The Copenhagen City Council, ever on the hunt for a design that will put the city at the forefront of city transport, has announced that Copenhagen’s new Metro will be unveiled this spring.

Admittedly, Copenhagen has been trying to get people on board with autonomous transport for a while. Late last year the city revealed their plan to test out an electric tram in the heart of Copenhagen in November. Copenhagen also recently experimented with snowploughs, low-emission buses and low-cost vertical drive systems that can be used on existing trains. The city’s new Metro will be the first of its kind with automated door closers and reserved service times, and with 4,000 bikes and 800 parking spaces included, it will also serve as a public transport space for those who don’t want to ride bikes.

However, the new service is set to meet with resistance from cabbies, who can claim that its last-minute design was fundamentally unfair. According to the Telegraph, Danish taxi drivers are fuming after the underground train operator said that it would only offer black cabs a 10-15 minute ride, while there will be no minimum charges at the busy peak times.

CTCO (Cycle and Metro Company) co-director Kim Ekfjord

CTCO (Cycle and Metro Company) co-director Kim Ekfjord told the Telegraph that the new service will protect cabbies from being pushed out of a highly lucrative market. “The new technical service will definitely keep taxi drivers better connected,” said Ekfjord. “It also means that a taxi driver could end up taking an elevator which will benefit them too.” The Metro will aim to open its doors in June 2018 and could get a unique demonstration if recent protests led by taxi drivers decide to take to the streets of Copenhagen.

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