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I would like to speak to all the people who get involved in rumors about downtowns around the world and its impact on its vibrancy.

I have lived here for 5 years and have worked at the Chautauqua County Distinguished Young Women event for 5 years and worked here for 3 years. We are wonderful people. We also all know that the downtown parking was not perfect in the past but now that we are surrounded by water, it is cleaner, higher than the previous years and is very clean, very clear. Also, with every little rain, clean parking spaces are available.

I would not say that the parking is free, but it does not have the meter rates and prices. We have seen that people often wait too long to park at the waterfront on Friday and Saturday nights, and the downtown is now flooded with people.

No matter what their reasons for coming here to visit have been, being in this town is priceless for me. I work hard on the weekends and mornings, like many businesses, and I have worked extremely hard not to only put food on my table, but also to pay for my child’s school as well as care for my wife in the afternoons, as well as support my family. There is a point that you want to say to a couple of people when they ask you for money: “My wife just had three more hours in the day today, and I was able to go take her for lunch.” If I can’t help them, I should at least be able to give them some ideas as to how to make those two hours with her as easy as possible, so if they find the need, they can give me money or I am there for them with a big smile on my face.

The weather is always good, the sky is bright, and we have the beautiful Chautauqua Lake and South Bass Lake for not far. Other than that, I would like to say to everyone who comes here: your generosity is appreciated, your presence is appreciated and it is a privilege for me to be here and serve the downtown. I would also say thank you to the people of the lakeside area who support our businesses, our teams and guests.

Best wishes to everyone. Love, Lamele.

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