Campus reflection: Long Branch, NJ

by Andrea Gonzalez on November 16, 2016 · Leave a Comment

Long Branch, N.J. is a close-knit beach town that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean with turquoise water, a small boardwalk and shops ranging from vintage clothing to eateries. Long Branch has been making headlines for a number of reasons this past week, including being recognized as a “Best Place to Live” and “Best Town for Quiet” by a website for travelers.

Located right along the Coney Island Boardwalk, Long Branch is a popular draw for vacationers from around the world. Though the small town is family-friendly, there are also plenty of places to enjoy adult beverages and local vendors to eat at. Long Branch, with its clean, traditional feel, is where generations of travelers go for holiday weekends and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Beachgoers can ride through the winding boardwalk with its 4,400 feet of track, enjoy the water and shop. Outside of this summer crowd, people travel all season long, escaping from the snow to visit the sea.

Long Branch is a small town, lacking in greenery but lacking in development, yet there is nothing lacking in Long Branch: this small town offers a variety of activities for visitors. Coming as a lifelong resident, I felt that the small city offers a vibrant place for recreation. Long Branch sits on Long Bar Harbor, a barrier island in the Gozo Lagoon. Long Beach Island is a popular beach destination and for residents that don’t live within 50 miles of Long Branch, Long Beach Island is the spot to be on vacation. Long Beach Island offers many activities for tourists, including fishing, ocean kayaking, rollerblading, surfing and more. An Atlantic City resident, Long Beach Island is less than a half-hour drive from the Hamptons, Long Branch and Atlantic City. The Jersey Shore offers many opportunities for recreation and has definitely proved to be an excellent option for tourists to escape for their winter vacations.

While the beaches and central bus lines give Long Branch a tradition feel, there are many things for visitors to explore, such as the Wildwood Boardwalk. Not only does the boardwalk have rides and restaurants, it is also adorned with a huge amount of historic buildings. With Long Branch as close as it is to Wildwood, there is plenty of fun to be had, as there is always a new sight or visit to enjoy. Seeing the Statue of Liberty, Long Beach Island and Atlantic City is a great way to kick off the summer season.

Long Branch also has a number of local businesses, such as We Gotta Go Surf Shop, Moss Jogger Bed and Breakfast, and O’Dee Orchard, a local farm. With so many attractions close to home, Long Branch is a great location for anyone interested in exploring the New Jersey Shore.

If you’re looking for an easy and active, destination-worthy path from home to the beach and nowhere else, Long Branch offers some of the best opportunities to bring that weekend relaxation back. With the options of cruising around the boardwalk or hitting the water, it is hard to find a better place than Long Branch, NJ.

Lisa Noguera is a political science sophomore and a writing intern at The Daily Collegian.

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