Brazilian election analyst suggests far-right candidate be charged with murder

A three-member Brazilian commission is due to vote on Friday on whether to recommend a criminal charge be filed against right-wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro, formerly a member of a military junta, according to the Times.

The three members, under the umbrella group “Col.” Jose Philippe Augusto Diop, retired brigadier Gen. Jaques Joao Cascio Luebbe de Albuquerque and former Army major general Feisal Luciano Alves dos Santos, have recommended that Bolsonaro be charged with “murder” under Brazilian law. The crime, as The Guardian reports, is a charge leveled in a military court against members of the junta for crimes committed in the country after the dictatorship ended in 1985.

Three of the commission’s five members are Brazilians. Their recommendation will be based in part on their determination that the case be built on “standard” elements of murder as well as statements made by victim Corine Castos.

Last June, two days before election day, Castos’ body was found in her home with multiple stab wounds. Bolsonaro, at the time, had denied responsibility for the attack, and despite releasing a video apologizing for anything that may have happened to her, he has refused to withdraw his opposition to legalizing abortion, and in his presidential campaign, he has advocated deporting immigrants. His support for Brazil’s 2014 military intervention in Rio de Janeiro meant to fight violent crime drew some comparisons with Donald Trump.

Despite a recent collapse in his campaign, Bolsonaro remains a frontrunner in the polls.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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