Brazil lawmaker seeks to take illegal action against right-wing vigilante group

Written by Staff Writer

The Brazilian National Commission of Electoral Violence has voted at a Wednesday session to recommend criminal charges be filed against right-wing congressman Jair Bolsonaro for his failure to denounce right-wing paramilitary groups.

The recommendation must now be approved by the Supreme Court, and any conviction of Bolsonaro would result in jail time for the candidate.

Brazil’s O Globo first reported the vote.

“The fact that that four of the five members of the National Commission of Electoral Violence voted to take advantage of the investigatory power of the commission and to recommend that the Supreme Court of Justice start proceedings is a testimonial of the fact that the situation in Brazilian society has reached a point where to avoid paying any price the people have to be accepted for their loyalty to the fascist, right-wing fanatic group, which was prepared by those who spent a lot of their own money, already trained in justice systems…into acts that are above any civilized form of protest,” said Raul Da Silva, one of the commission members.

The lawmaker was asked to denounce members of the Popular Alternative for Liberty (PAC) organization in mid-March during a series of interviews on the local TV network Globo Carioca. In response, he simply stated he “doesn’t differentiate between those who oppose President (Jair) Bolsonaro and those who are defending the interest of a group called the “PAC.”

In recent weeks, growing numbers of Brazilians have begun to mount protests against Bolsonaro’s presidential candidacy. The general opposition of the demonstrations is far from universal however; many view the right-wing lawmaker, who served for two decades in Congress, as a bulwark against the leftist Workers Party (PT).

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