Bella Hadid says she will not get plastic surgery

Hadid recently appeared on the cover of Vogue China, sitting alone on a couch in a black jumpsuit sporting three intertwined rings. The magazine has since edited that image, removing Hadid’s breasts and building her back up over her shoulders while dropping her five dress sizes (she was 184 in body weight) to a slim 141.

In the same interview, Hadid also hinted about trying to go under the knife. But while she spoke about going under the knife in the past, she coyly “never said I wanted to get work done,” which many took to mean she wasn’t actually ready to go under the knife.

Bella Hadid wants to you to know: “I will not have plastic surgery.” — People (@people) January 13, 2018

“When you are young, people are just so… negative, especially online. If you put yourself out there to be vulnerable, you are gonna get people telling you that you are ugly, you have no talent,” Hadid said of trolling. “I try and stay away from [social media]. If I do go on it, it’s about listening to people I trust. Even if it’s not positive, you will listen to people you trust.”

Hadid talked about how her unbridled confidence has impacted her career, telling the magazine that “it’s definitely helped me get my foot in the door” and said she was asked to appear on the cover of Vogue China after they saw her “photo shoot for LOVE magazine.”

Hadid’s right. Even though she isn’t one to shoot down opportunities due to the amount of haters she has, there is definitely truth in that she hasn’t ruled out ever sitting in a makeup chair to go under the knife, although she says she is wary of any harsh opinions that may be made of her after that.

Her manager Yolanda Hadid also weighed in on the issue, telling the magazine: “From what I understand, everybody that does procedures, they want their necks and their skin lifted and everything. But she is so charming, she is so sweet, she is so talented and I don’t think she will do that. I don’t think she will go out and say, ‘I’m having work done.’”

While no one can really say, it would be very brave of Hadid to follow through with any kind of surgery. But, considering the number of celebs who have denied cosmetic surgery before undergoing the procedures, she may just want to wait.

Dan Springer is an intern on Fox News Channel’s Digital Content Unit.

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