After Aircraft Collisions, Discounts Mean Lesstime in the Sky

Australia is still reeling from a record number of plane crashes in May. On Oct. 27, 2017, a Qantas MD-80 plane with 168 people aboard went down near Valkenberg, Germany. The next day, a Qantas flight crashed into the Great Barrier Reef. On May 20, 2018, a Canadian owned Boeing 777-200H cargo aircraft crashed into the volcanic crater at Incheon, South Korea, causing an explosion and fire.

All of this strikes terror into the traveler’s stomach.

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So, what are people to do? When the news of a plane crash is imminent, they stay home. The cautious traveler knows that the chances of being hit by a plane crash in their own backyard are greater than they are riding the Metro in slow-moving traffic. Thankfully, these kinds of accidents are extremely rare, and most travelers simply avoid flying. However, while the odds are low, there is always the possibility.

This is where fear sets in and you may think you’re by yourself until you get off the airplane. What then?

As Inland Northwest Airlines becomes more aggressive with its discounts and deals, travelers now have another choice besides the overcrowded airlines like Qantas. There is now competition on routes to Vancouver.

That being said, Canadian carriers have been known to reduce fares in hopes of snagging new business from competitors. Inland Northwest is taking advantage of these conditions with its new discounting strategies.

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The airline announced today that beginning September 24th, flyers will be able to save up to 45 percent on roundtrip fares from Vancouver to two additional destinations. From Edmonton, Inland Northwest flyers will be able to save up to 25 percent and from Calgary, the savings could range from 15 percent to 35 percent.

So, the incentive to travel is right there, but where’s the incentive to fly? You can save 45 percent to 50 percent on routes from Vancouver to Grand Prairie, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Western Canadian Rockies. If you are traveling to Calgary, you can save anywhere from 15 percent to 30 percent depending on where you start your journey.

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Inland Northwest has a range of solutions to make the journey itself easier and take the fluster out of flying. It offers both WiFi and BlackBerry Z10 devices in select markets that are participating in its BlackBerry solution. It has also instituted Monday morning bookings and 30-minute luggage check-in.

The new booking on this Canadian airline is too good to pass up, so if you are heading to Canada and living in one of these markets, now is the time to book.

Tune in on The Price Is Right to see if it is worth investing in these new safety features.

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