Adele explains why she didn’t tweet about her family’s divorce

Written by Selena Sayres, CNN

As Adele proved again this year, there is perhaps no better example of material authenticity and emotional bravery than Adele.

The singer has taken to Twitter to apologize for her initially absent post on Twitter in response to the news of her family’s divorce.

@itsthehumanadele One moment I had turned to Twitter to fill in some info after their @breakingadealr had shared the story of their divorcᅢᄅe. I said to myself that I am such a huge fan and would never break it to them to whom it may concern. So I tweeted and I shared my pain. And then I wished I had not.

It turns out Adele’s bad boy English rose husband Simon Konecki has left her — that is no secret. However, although she hasn’t been seen with him for several months, Adele didn’t tweet out their split for some time.

Last week however, Adele tweeted, confirming that she is moving on.

“I was in a really rough place. I hadn’t told anyone about it but Simon and his family,” Adele told Time magazine. “Everyone was really supportive but I sort of felt that if people found out it would drag me down so I preferred to keep it to myself for as long as possible and make it as personal as possible.”

Now in her 30s, Adele said that she knew her heartbroken husband and family were standing by her.

“If people were to ask me, ‘Do you think you could do it?’ I would always say yes. I do feel like people don’t realize how much it takes.”

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