A Sample Of What I’m Seeing The Left Really Misses In The Reports On Cops Being Stopped

People are attacking Fox News for reporting on the top line statistics of law enforcement officers being stopped by their departments for doing their jobs, a number that’s been an issue since at least 2008.

The price they pay is usually paid in feeling upset with the word “stop” in a news headline. It seems like everyone wants police officers to be pulled over and asked to prove their identity. But the reality is people are getting stopped for a variety of reasons, whether or not you pay attention to the headline.

For example, you’re driving through a secluded area in a rural area or maybe you get pulled over if you’re on an interstate at night for an illegal lane change. Then there’s the persons of interest or wanted person.

Next, there’s the business operator with two hands full of cash in a paper bag.

Regardless of why you were stopped, because of that single word “stop” that is used to describe the interaction between the police and citizens, some people are angry. So they go out and create their own version of what happened to you and seek to ruin the officer’s good name. It doesn’t help that they’re incorrect.

It’s not like officers can’t be good, like any police officer is worth all that they do to protect and serve. It’s a city officer in Lubbock, Texas, putting their lives on the line every day to protect Lubbock residents.

Officer Ryan Miller was the first officer shot during a response to a domestic disturbance in a home located in an area of Lubbock where domestic disputes are called into police. There was no apparent motive nor any proof Officer Miller was involved in anything wrong while responding to the call.

Miller was shot and killed.

Editor’s Note: Beginning in December 2015, a “Pattern and Practice Monitoring Report” was conducted for the Lubbock Police Department to track complaints against Lubbock police officers. The report detailed 24 concerns regarding the department since December 2015. Lubbock County State’s Attorney Jim Gray issued a statement saying there was no criminal wrongdoing by officers.

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