5 Facts That Unmask Tommy Lee’s ‘Cold-blooded’ Attacks

Back in March 2016, a 10-minute sex tape featuring US pop stars Pam & Tommy Lee leaked online. In a hyper-dramatic video clip, Tommy Lee is shown kidnapping Pam Anderson at a party and pushing her onto the bed. Dressed in a black negligee, the former Baywatch star is seen writhing around as Lee appears to perform fellatio.

In December 2016, Tommy Lee filed a lawsuit against website Bossip.com, which released the footage and said it was “one of the most dangerous celebrity sex tapes ever released”. He accused them of defaming him and was seeking $10m in damages. After a number of delays, the case was finally resolved with the judgement of US District Judge Matthew Kennelly, in a document published on November 27, 2019. The judgement contains references to tapes “in development” by TMZ and Bossip with the name “Pam & Tommy” that he did not control.

The star was then awarded $960,000 in damages, which is before legal fees. The judgement also contains paragraph eight, “THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER DECLARED … that defendant Julie Van Gilder traded communications of publicity in the sex tape between plaintiff Thomas Wayne Lee and surer Pamela Anderson, with the intent of encouraging others to publish, distribute, broadcast, and/or disseminate those materials.” Lee is also seeking further legal fees.

Pam was left disgusted by what had happened and has been vocal about her views. Speaking to People magazine in December 2016, she said: “I really feel it was his [Tommy Lee’s] last-ditch attempt to not lose me to the next guy, or woman, at that point. It is a form of sexual terrorism.”

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