48 years on, historic bull poses for first time since age of 124

Written by By Cairo, CNN

Researchers in Spain have successfully identified the great-grandson of a bull which became famous in the 1960s for the way it stood on its hind legs.

Called Rubina — or “Sitting Bull” — the so-called revolutionary animal became a symbol of bravery in and out of the ring after it was filmed standing upright for the first time during a fight in Mallorca.

The bull took on human and bull racer Eugenio Delgado, who is currently serving jail time for animal abuse, in 1968. His once-photogenic co-pilot? A 124-year-old bull, called Hana.

“Hana was alive a year before Rubina was born and possibly even before Rubina was born,” Dr. Jose Luis Martinez, director of the Barajas Laboratories of the Monegasque Center for Agriculture and Research, told the BBC

“So the two have always existed within the same family.”

Plant cloning laboratory

A team of researchers in the Spanish province of Málaga worked with a team of Americans to develop the DNA profile of the bull and its ring-coach.

Dr. Martinez said they aimed to learn more about how the “demonstrative” breed is passed on.

“We are trying to understand the core of the physiology of bulls, so we can learn more about the genetic makeup of the very large animals that grow to be 120 meters tall,” he said.

Dr. Martinez added that the findings about the offspring could lead to changes in breeding policies.

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