2/7 The Breakdown: First USWNT Training Camp In Qatar

1) ‘I was born in Mexico to American parents, and the idea of playing with Saudi Arabian women was pretty foreign to me at first.’ – Emily Pedersen

The first World Cup Tournament is only a few weeks away, but as of late 2018, 12 years after the United States of America won the title for the first time, the official U.S. Women’s National Team Team training camp is going to be held at Qatar’s Sheikh Saeed Al-Thani Stadium for the upcoming Game of the Year, the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup, held in Qatar from May 14 – May 29, 2021. This is truly unprecedented for American Soccer; it is thought that only players over 30 will be there, and that the largest U.S. team ever will only be made up of 11 U.S. players; and most recently, the pressure from the daughter of Qatar’s ruler was put on the 23 Americans attending camp by Asma Al-Thani, who officially, and admonishedly, told them she wouldn’t allow any teammates who were not Qatari-born to even be on the roster.

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On this week’s episode of The Breakdown, Lead Gaming Reporter for Fox Sports North and The Kicks Podcast Emily Pedersen covers her first opportunity to play with Saudi Arabian ladies in the Saudi Ladies International Pro-Am hosted by Qatari golfer Fatimah Al-Atrash; she covers her research for FIFA from the point of view of the Gulf and Arabian Emirates; and discusses her observations and impressions of the Gulf region; and Qatari golfer Fatimah Al-Atrash reveals what it is like playing in the annual Saudi Ladies International Pro-Am and presents the benefits of going to the Ali Bin Omair University Golf & Mufti Course on top of the Al-Fujairah summit for talented amateur and women’s amateur players.

This week’s episode of The Breakdown also features a brand new interview with Dr. Bill Bielby, author of his book, The Football Soul. The founder of the popular website TheFootballSoul.com, while a world renowned expert on modern footballing and footballing philosophies, it was his personal experience growing up as a football player and fan in Argentina during the mid-seventies, and his father’s determination to inspire him to play for Argentina as a teenager, that ultimately changed his life forever. The conversation also delves into the young quarterback job that has thrilled and worried fans of the San Francisco 49ers and the NFL’s efforts to intervene into Twitter fights between various team-mates, including Jay Ajayi of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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